Wednesday, 21 September 2011


New legislation that will prohibit the right to 24hr on-going protest at Parliament Square.

On September 15th the 'Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill' passed through Parliament and was granted ROYAL ASSENT. This means that it has now become law.

Clause 3 of this new law relates specifically to demonstrations in and around Parliament Square.It states that protest will not now be allowed to cover a 24hour period and be on-going. You will not be allowed any articles associated with being able to maintain an on-going presence. Articles to include tents, sleeping bags, and structures. It could presumably include umbrellas and stools if they think you intend to stay. These artiicles can be confiscated if you do not move on.

What the Act does not make clear is the harm it is trying to address. What is the justification for such severe and harsh restrictions?

Originally it was proposed that if a person defied this new restriction then an 'On the Spot' injunction could be imposed with no court hearing. Also just as alarming, non- police staff, not in unifirm could could confiscate articles associated with a persons protest. The Bill was amended and at the moment the final Act has not been printed, as I am aware. Things might have improved, though this would seem unlikely.

This Act will be open to legal challenge and it is important that people are aware of this legislation. It is not mentioned in the mainstream press and the public at large will be unaware that our great country has slid further down the slippery slope towards more oppression and control.


The legislation was rushed through during the Summer reccess.

The immediate threat to the present on-going Parliament Square Protests, is the up and comong High Court Injunction being brought by Westminster City Council for 'Obstruction of the Highway' This should start sometime in October. Keep alert to further postings,

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

TUC Conference September 13th 2011

TUC Conference September 13th 2011

Ed Miliband is not with the people, he is not prepared to make a stand and openly and publicly declare that he is with the majority of the UK population who are opposed to the actions of government.
How can the “New Labour Party” be representative of the people when they are not standing up with them, they’re not questioning the validity of this government, they are not calling for a show of no confidence in government.
Miliband does not separate himself from the thieves and liars; he does not stand with the people.
Our government is being run by war criminals, this has to STOP

He and they are with the private sector
We are the public
The UK is a PUBLIC SECTOR and is the majority, this must be honoured

Labour trade union link
This government are not in the centre ground politics
The Link is the People
Miliband said the strength comes from the people on the ground, but he is not listening to them, why is this.
UK Unions have fewer rights than those in Germany, France and other places in Europe.
Miliband answered this question on UK union rights saying 15% of the private sector work in trade unions in Europe.
Brian Strutton from the GMB
Called for Miliband to support Robin Hood tax

Miliband said changes need to be made; opportunity needs to be given, real job opportunities
He went on to say government were taking away from young people and that government were not interested in the young
But still he does not call for a show of no confidence in this quango self elected government that are not acting on behalf of a majority of the UK people, this is unconstitutional, a government that has over 250 war criminals within it.

On top of this unelected government are changing the constituency boundaries so as to give the Tories a better advantage, this is unconstitutional, it has not gone to the country for a national referendum, and there has been no public consultation. But they will still look after each other because they are all in it together, whilst we the people, our voices are given no quota, therefore we must give no quarter.
The doomsday book was a way of stealing the peoples land by the Norman King William, the land is still held from the people with 1% of the UK population owning 90% of the land.
Return the land to the people; return the rule of law to the people not a Parliament that is divisive and manipulative and not fit for purpose.
The following BBC news report was typical; the media twist to the story was to say ‘It is expected in politics to get heckled’.
Whilst in truth the heckling reflected the general feeling within the room and potentially the majority of the working class, who are by fact the majority rule, all in the room knew that Ed Miliband was not listening and the government are not listening, will the next step be for a general strike?