Sunday, 13 February 2011

Stop Them taking your history and future

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Job cuts, EMA cuts

Education cuts, lack of investment into future jobs for the people.
Excessive unaffordable house prices, the lack of social housing, coupled with over priced rents charged by landlords, low wages, 20% VAT, Poll Tax ( where’s the community in that charge?)
The continued dilution of the NHS, with private health companies hiring NHS operating theatres leading to private companies competing for space and time with NHS patients. The NHS belongs to the people it is the people’s right to access the best health care.
The sale of the people’s lands is a very worrying development, with forests being sold throughout England to the highest bidders, open to foreign investment and private companies.

These forests are part of our heritage

We are rational people with the hearts of lions.
We all know the truth of what exactly is going on within our country.
This great injustice forced upon us.
It is “Now Time” the time for all of Britain United to say NO under one umbrella. This daylight robbery and unaccountability to the people by politicians, government officials, Law Lords, councils and the banks cannot be allowed to betray both people and country.

Word up for 2011

We are all in "Now Time" 2011

Increasingly around the World we are seeing many more people rising up and fighting against oppression from their so called leaders of the People.

So far this year 2011 Tunisia's People have stood united in their fight against tyranny and injustice. Rightfully the people demand their rights to autonomy and justice.
In recent weeks we have seen the youths and adults of Egypt take to the streets to demand their rights as people. Though little is mentioned of Iran, people are still marching and fighting against their oppression.
If we look around the world we will see the people are waking up, and standing up against tyranny, oppression and injustice.
Can you feel the force?
Stand up and be counted individual in you, strive for all that is your best.
United with all we are on the front line and we must lead by example as a democracy and resist cuts and irregular/illegal activities by the governments.

We must not allow our heritage to be stolen and sold off so that the fat cat's gets fatter. All we, as people, have fought and strived for cannot be allowed to be blatantly thrown onto the scrap heap.
We must unite to fight for what is right.
Banks must be forced to pay back all bonuses paid out since the economic crash last year 2010.
The Government must allow the people their rights to fairness and justice
If we want change, then we must be the change we wish to see.

1.Sign the “New” People's Constitution where all are held accountable to the people
2.A fully transparent system run by the people for the people with the environment taking the lead
3.Network this call to all.

For further information on proactive movements for positive change, and other activities please see the following links;

Substantial change needed

Bonus season £81 billion in public sector cuts
Meanwhile banks are set to once again increase their bonuses

RBS government
Public share holder £65 billion pounds input to keep bank afloat

Square mile banker’s banquette ball for charity
Champaign Boris Johnson, says banks need to step up to the new measures to stop the bonus culture, but bankers say they care not that people do not trust them and will not moderate their bonus structure.
£640,000 topped up with £1 million, this years bonuses said to reach £7 billion pounds.

20,000 jobs lost in Lloyds banking jobs.
Redundant staff felt that they were failed by their employees.

50,000 job losses in financial sector
Gerant Anderson talks money and the ruthlessness involved with little or no risk to bankers. This encourages reckless gambling with monies.

70% of the public have no trust in banks or bankers.

After treasury enquiry £8.3 million given to top boss
RBS deputy given 13.5 million pension pot, now works for another company owned by RBS

75% people are not happy with the lack of accountability and responsibility of banks.

Integrated finance cost the public many billions of pounds

Bankers who made bad decisions should not be employed in this sector, these are failed bankers.
If people want to see public investment as a good investment in banks then why do banks continue to give the funds away in bonuses?

Tens of thousands of people affected by banks
Crisis not over £81 billion public sector cuts
With public owning a large percent of RBS and Lloyds how many bankers receive more than £1 million pound, RBS has set aside 2 billion for bonuses
Lloyd paid out £200 million in bonuses last year.

$142,000 prime ministers wage

Bankers earn 6 – 8 times more than the prime minister

Bankers are paid offensive amounts of money

Even a 50% tax didn’t curb the bonus culture
It was set as a one off tax; this has been replaced by a banking levy resulting in less that 10% of the banks revenue being used to pay back public monies.

January 29: NUS, UCU and TUC rally in Manchester
The National Union of Students and the University and College Union have joined the Trades Union Congress to organise A Future that Works: National Rally for Young People in Manchester on January 29. According to the NUS, the protest is aiming to highlight youth issues, including access to education, the scrapping of the education maintenance allowance (EMA) and youth unemployment.
January 29: London national demo
The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts and the Education Activist Network have organised a demonstration the same day as the NUS-backed rally in Manchester to provide a London focus for demonstration. While the UCU have backed both demos, NUS president Aaron Porter has criticised the demo as ‘unhelpful’, calling it ‘the wrong tactic at the wrong time.

March 26: NUS and TUC spending cuts demo
The NUS and TUC will join forces again in March for a demonstration against the spending cuts. March for the Alternative: Jobs, Growth, Justice will see both groups marching to a rally in Hyde Park calling for a Robin Hood tax on the banks, the closing of tax loopholes and policies for jobs and green growth.
The Government has also been charged with acting unreasonably after it took £250 million from Servicemen’s allowances but failed to deal with bankers’ bonuses.

Legislation’s that are being debated that will effect a majority of British citizen’s

Ask Her Majesty’s Government what is their policy regarding the growing gap between the rich and the poor in the United Kingdom.
Ask; whether they have any plans to limit bonuses to be paid to senior Royal Bank of Scotland staff.
Ask the to call attention to the language and terminology used in the House of Lords and their impact on public understanding of the work of the House
Ask what plans they have to offer support to 16–18-year-old students in full-time education.
Ask what steps they are taking to improve corporate governance and accountability with respect to social and environmental issues.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Prisoner's get the vote

Parliament debated today 10th February 2011

The question being debated
"Whether Parliament will comply with rulings from the European court concerning a Prisoners rights to vote.

International human rights
The right for prisoners to vote
This is fundamental right, if we look at Emily Pankhurst and the suffragette’s movement, they were demanding justice. For their actions and belief's they were criminalised and imprisoned.
We musts stand united, less they make us all criminals.

If people who stand up against tyranny and injustice become silenced by the unjust and their decisions, then they will become criminals.

If the argument is against serious perpetrators of crime being able to vote, then we should also look at the government and its crimes against the people and humanity who are asking for your votes.

We need a full and transparent referendum on all points, not just those that a quango government decides we can vote on.

There is a minority deciding the rights of the many, and in too many cases they are choosing to do this without consultation or transparency.
These are truly the bias and unjust and ignorant.

Do not allow the war criminals and their minions to shut your minds and mouth's