Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Southwark Council has written to 35 tenants where they or a member of their household have been charged over the disorder earlier this month. This is another opportunity for us to fight back against these draconian measures.

Let's send a clear message that we will not accept this spiteful attitude.
Southwark - not in our name - not with our money.


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We must protect all peoples rights, it is becomming clear now that councils are NOT acting in the interests of the people, therefore they are to be found in dereliction of their duty, it is suggested that the people should evict all councils who are not doing the bidding of the people.
The peoples tax monies should be spent on improving communities and bringing them together, this is far from the actions of Basildon and many other councils. We must unite in this fight against tyranny , repression and oppression, we are the people, this is OUR LAND OUR FUTURE, Take the gift of the present to change the day everyday to something better, together we can make the world of difference

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Be mindful of distractions

Be mindful of distractions.

We must not lose sight of the main issues that were going on before these riots.

The government/s and top police officers were/are involved with Rupert Murdoch of News International, with strong suggestions of corruption, that have to date led to the resignation of two of the UK top policemen ; Met Police Commissionaire, Sir Paul Stephenson

And John Yates

As well as this, the condem unelected non people government demand unjust cuts backed by unjust laws that are affecting everyone including the police & armed forces. These unjust cuts, if they are allowed to continue with no investment into community & children’s futures will result in a desolate prospectless future. We as a Nation need integrity, truth, understanding and compassion. The top house must be set in order.

Riots Camden Town London Civil Unrest August 8th & 9th 2011

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Stonehenge enquiry

Images of proposition

Schematic views and more information

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

The County of Wiltshire (Stonehenge World Heritage Site, Parishes of Amesbury, Berwick St James, Durrington, Wilsford Cum Lake, Winterbourne Stoke and Woodford (Prohibition of Driving ) Order 2010

The order making authority is Wiltshire Council (the Council)

Notice is hereby given that an Inspector from the planning inspectorate Mr. Alan Boyland BEng (Hons) DipTP CEng MICE MCIHT MRTPI and Assistant Inspector Mr John Wilde CEng MICE have been appointed by the Council to hold a non statutory public inquiry and to report to the Council as to the merits of the above order.

The Inquiry will be held at Salisbury Rugby Football Club, Castle Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP1 3SA on Tuesday 20th September 2011 at 10am.

The effect of the Order, if confirmed without modifications will be to;

1. Revoke the County of Wilts (Airman’s Cross, Winterbourne Stoke) (One Way) Order 1965, The County of Wiltshire (A344, Amesbury) (Prohibition of Right-hand Turn) Order 1992, The County of Wiltshire (A344, Amesbury) (One Way Traffic ) Order 1992 and The County of Wiltshire (A344, Amesbury) (40 MPH Speed Limit) Order 1993 and

2. To place a Traffic Regulation Order on A344 (part) and Byways Open to all Traffic (BOATS) Amesbury 11, Amesbury 12, Berwick St James 11, Durrington 10, Wilsford cum Lake 1, Wilsford cum Lake 2 and Woodford 16 (lengths as detailed below) in order to introduce a prohibition of driving to all motor vehicles at all times with an exception for access to the Stonehenge World Heritage Site Visitor’s Centre Car Park during variable hours on the A344 – from the Airmans’ Corner junction eastwards for a distance of approximately 130 metres and in particular to prohibit members of the public from using these particular vehicular highways and byways open to all traffic (BOATS) (as detailed below) with motor vehicles at any time;

i. A344 – from point approximately 130 metres east of the Airman’s Corner junction to its junction with Amesbury BOAT 12

ii. Amesbury BOAT 11 – its entire length from its junction with the A303 to the Wilsford cum Lake Parish boundary, an approximate length of 611 metres.

iii. Amesbury BOAT 12 – from the Wilsford cum Lake Parish boundary crossing the A303 and the A344 to the Durrington Parish boundary, an approximate length of 1884 metres

iv. Berwick St James BOAT 11 – its entire length from its junction with Woodford BOAT 16 at the Woodford Parish boundary to the Wilsford cum Lake Parish boundary, an approximate length of 1009 metres.

v. Durrington BOAT 10 – from the Amesbury Parish boundary to a point south of the access road to Durrington Down Farm, approximately 230 metres south of the junction with Fargo Road, an approximate length of 328 metres.

vi. Wilsford cum Lake BOAT 1 – its entire length from the Berwick St James Parish boundary to the Amesbury Parish boundary, approximate length of 1615 metres.

vii. Wilsford cum Lake BOAT 2 – its entire length from Hill Plantation to the Amesbury Parish boundary, an approximate length of 3080 metres.

viii. Woodford BOAT 16 – its entire length from its junction with the A360 to its junction with Berwick St James BOAT 11 at the Woodford Parish boundary, an approximate length of 122 metres.

The Order if confirmed without modification will also exempt invalid carriages and vehicles issued with a valid permit. The rights of access for emergency vehicles and the private rights of access for agricultural vehicles will remain unaffected.

Copies of the Inquiry Core Documents which include those giving detailed particulars of the Order are available for inspection at the offices of Wiltshire Council, 37 Endless Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP1 1DP between the hours of 0900 and 1700. Some Inquiry documents can also be viewed online at the Inquiry website at http:/

Any person who wishes to make any written representations relating to the Order for consideration by the Inspector must send such representations to the Inquiry Programme Officer – Mrs Helen Wilson at 32 Pennyford Close, Brockhill, Redditch, Worcestershire B97 6TW or by email