Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Unlawful taxes and you're paying them.

Cash in hand the treasury say is immoral, claiming they miss out on £2 billion in unpaid taxes?
That's rich coming from the treasury
Taxes that they have been collecting since the Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya conflicts have been unlawful.

Why you may ask?
It is a crime to pay tax. This statement may, at first, appear improbable – yet it is true. The truth of it is embedded firmly in international law, and this law is explicit and unequivocal.
At the NurembergWar Crimes Tribunal it was stated that ‘individuals have international duties’ which transcend allegiance to their individual nation state. This makes it clear that each citizen has a responsibility to ensure their own personal conduct does not breach international law which overrides the laws of their own governments. In 1998, after fifty years of illegal wars in breach of the Nuremberg Principles, 132 states, in an attempt to block the loopholes allowing nations to commit these crimes with impunity, drew up the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Article 25 of the Rome Statute states that a person is criminally liable who ‘aids, abets or assists’ in the commission of such a crime ‘including providing the means for its commission.’
This statement is crucial; state sponsored wars such as those waged against Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya can only be fought with the consent of a majority of the citizens, specifically through gathering their taxes. Governments cannot wage war without the money to buy weapons, pay troops or purchase supplies. Without the support of taxpayers and moneylenders war would be impossible. Taxpayers who fund illegal war commit a war crime.
Your duty is clear then,  as a citizen whose taxes are being used to commit war crimes you are committing those same crimes. The only way to avoid liability is to withhold your taxes, by doing so you will be upholding the law. But is this only about stark legalities? Do we not also have moral duties which impel us to act?
Significantly, in this case, the law takes into account your conscience: Nuremberg Principle number four states that even if a person acts under the orders of their government this ‘does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him’.
Let us then ponder that in ten years NATO and ISAF governments have caused the deaths of 800,000 adults and 400,000 children, injured three million people and driven eight million into exile and destitution. These very real human beings – are they worthy of your moral consideration? International law says yes. What do you say?.

To add to this; Before the treasury can say such things, unpaid taxes by many corporate’s such as Vodafone and Top shop along with many 2012 Olympic sponsors must be paid in full.

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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Breaking news Bombshell

Enough is Enough!


Why are the police not applying and practicing the law of the land and their oath?? 
Where are the Police applying the term 'with Public's consent' when they are taking no actions in defence of the People. 

Why are the police not immediately arresting MP's who are known and identified war criminals?

Why MP are allowed to avoid a full and transparent public enquiry into the banking scandal?

The system is unfit for purpose and acting against the People of these Great Islands.


The MP's expenses, the corruption in the news media and police force at high levels.
No one should be allowed to resign in order to avoid justice. Why are the police not immediately arresting people at the head of the banks for their deceit, fraud corrupt, which is also closely linked directly with many MP's, who also need to be arrested for these illicit handlings of the public interests?
Corporate, law enforcers and politician’s by their direct dealings are all acting against the People with deception, fraud and corruption.

Where is the consent to act against the people? 
Where is the consent to act above the common LAW? 

 We as free people must not pull back from seeking the truth and consistency in any plans concerning our race, the planet and its species.

If we look at the world, we are all sharing it as the whole, the one, and, at present, there is no other. The bottom line is you cannot get off. It is each and everyone's responsibility to ensure that industry, Governments and corporatism do not destroy the environment and species any more.

There are no excuses for the wanton destruction of the planet, its species and habitats to date. You/we/I have only to look to see the massive environmental damage that big companies and governments have already created with their insatiable greed and their need for cash, control of people, energy and resources. The truth is they must be stopped from destroying any further. Alternative energy is not a fantasy; there is an inexhaustible amount of information readily available. Conservation of energy must also be fully realized, utilized and practiced.

Do not be fooled into thinking bio fuels, or hydro electric dams are an answer.
They serve no sustainable purpose, resulting once again in the destruction of habitats and the displacement of wildlife and indigenous people's.
As a race, we must not allow any to destroy our environment. We must not allow corporate, industry, or regimes to force us to be separated from interacting with our environment. Nuclear power is a demon seed with nuclear waste having a half life of 25,000 years. This means that it will still be 100% toxic to all forms of cellular life in 25,000 years time. Chernobyl in Russia and Fukushima in Japan has shown that no nuclear power plants are 100% safe, and once an accident happens, the species and environmental impact is both far reaching and devastating.

People must pluck the sickness of greed and corruption from their Nations You only get one chance, make that chance, one of a future for all People, species and planet.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Banking Inquiry Debate 5th July 2012

Banking enquiry debate
Only a full and public enquiry will stand any chance to uncover the fraud, deceit and corruption. Many MP's do not want this and would prefer to hold their own inquiry, this is criminal and no MP's must be allowed to use PArliamentary privilege to avoid justice. It is about time all of these corrupt self inclusive elitists faced the People and Justice. Tonight they will vote upon it. If they vote against a full public enquiry, then they must take the consequences of their choice and actions and all that goes with it. Integrity and protocol, transparency and accountability, nothing less will do.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Unlawful arrest and imprisonment of Roger Hayes You Decide

Roger's "crime" is that he has been refusing to pay his Council tax, because along with other state taxes, a proportion of the tax revenue gathered is being sent to the European Union, used to fund unlawful wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, and promote terrorism right around the world. To pay tax under these circumstances is, at the very least, unlawful under Section 15(3) of the Terrorism Act 2000.
Roger was also acting lawfully by not paying tax. The law is absolutely clear 

 The document link shows above shows clearly that it is against the law to pay taxes if your government are acting unlawfully. Roger Hayes arrest is unlawful if it is related to his refusal to pay taxes to a corrupt war criminal government. Though monies should be put aside in an escrow account   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Escrow  or similar so that one can pay the back taxes when the law is reinstated and the government are not acting against Domestic and International Laws. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjMHf5hVVEg
 The corporates are in the throws of getting rid of our already ineffective police to replace them with private security firm found guilty of human rights abuses
Accountability and transparency this is what the people are demanding along with just laws

Mr Roger Hayes was arrested without charge, thrown in jail no trial. Go figure. Political rendition is NOW fact in UK , USA, Canada, and Australia.

Steve Johnson calls Rebbecca Gallagher of MerseySide Police Phone switchboard:


God help us all.

Please read:
The Wave: By Morton Rhue
1984 by George Orwell

Let your life be a friction to the machine.

Merseyside Police will also fall under the scrutiny , because they are Public Servants, they have a duty to uphold the law of this land , and answer me ALL my question . because its their job to, if not, if we have to put up with this ! From public Servants , what are we paying them for ?

From the UK Column a REAL NEWSPAPER

At 0930 this morning, in scenes reminiscent of Stasi East Germany, 2 police cars and 4 policemen from Merseyside Police arrested British Constitution Group Chairman Roger Hayes at his Wirral home and drove away.

The first his family heard of him was at 18:30 this evening via a telephone call from a Warder in Liverpool prison, to say that Roger had been tried and sentenced to prison.

At no time were the family or any other members of the public informed of his arrest, and it is understood that he was tried in a secret court without a Jury.

Denied the right to argue his case, denied the right to a Jury, denied the right for the public to see justice being done, Roger was imprisoned in the secretive gulag system that Britain has become in 2012.

Roger's "crime" is that he has been refusing to pay his Council tax, because along with other state taxes, a proportion of the tax revenue gathered is being sent to the European Union, used to fund unlawful wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, and promote terrorism right around the world. To pay tax under these circumstances is, at the very least, unlawful under Section 15(3) of the Terrorism Act 2000.

As such the present government of UK in Westminster is complicit to terrorist action and war crimes and therefore the payment of taxes to an unlawful, criminal regime is itself a criminal act - one in which Roger refused to participate.

The state has never forgiven him for the arrest of Judge Peake at Birkenhead court as part of this campaign.

In addition to his stance on taxes for unlawful purposes, Roger has also been campaigning for the Lawful Bank - a monetary initiative in which money can be issued to the public as credit, rather than as crippling debt under the existing corrupt and fraudulent International Monetary System.

As Chairman of the British Constitution Group, Roger Hayes has been an outspoken public speaker warning the British public that their rights and freedoms under Common Law and the Constitution are being stripped away and replaced by a dictatorship of secret courts operating under Administrative and Statute Law.

There is no doubt that his success in alerting ever more people to the dangers of the British / EU dictatorship being built by a criminal element now masquerading as British politicians, has caused the state to imprison Roger. His challenge to the fraudulent banking system, as evidenced by the criminal acts of Barclays bank and todays resignation by arch Bilderberger and BBC advisor Marcus Agius, will also have made Roger enemies within Britain's wide criminal banking cabal.

Roger's family is shocked both at his arrest, and at the realisation that Britain is now sliding into a police state, where husbands, fathers and other good people can be lifted off the streets and imprisoned. There is now no doubt that Britain is further under the control of domestic terrorists in Westminster.

We ask that all those who value their freedoms and liberty call Meryside Police for further information and an explanation of their actions, and also call Liverpool prison to establish Roger's physical safety and well-being.

Merseyside Police Tel: 101 local or +44 (0)151 709 6010 in UK.

Liverpool Prison Tel: +44 (0)151 530 4000

Crimestoppers (UK only) Tel: 0800 555 111

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Breaking news Bankers jailed

Jail the bankers, the corrupt and all those who are involved in the deceit. Give the money back to the People, the Education, the NHS the workforce. No confidence in Government, sack the lot of them as they are NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. Real justice, real people, not sociopaths and psychopaths. The law is corrupt as it is set by the corrupt and illicit to do the bidding against the People. NO CONTRACT, dereliction of duty and service to the People, they must not pass go, and be delivered directly to gaol