Saturday, 7 July 2012

Breaking news Bombshell

Enough is Enough!


Why are the police not applying and practicing the law of the land and their oath?? 
Where are the Police applying the term 'with Public's consent' when they are taking no actions in defence of the People. 

Why are the police not immediately arresting MP's who are known and identified war criminals?

Why MP are allowed to avoid a full and transparent public enquiry into the banking scandal?

The system is unfit for purpose and acting against the People of these Great Islands.


The MP's expenses, the corruption in the news media and police force at high levels.
No one should be allowed to resign in order to avoid justice. Why are the police not immediately arresting people at the head of the banks for their deceit, fraud corrupt, which is also closely linked directly with many MP's, who also need to be arrested for these illicit handlings of the public interests?
Corporate, law enforcers and politician’s by their direct dealings are all acting against the People with deception, fraud and corruption.

Where is the consent to act against the people? 
Where is the consent to act above the common LAW? 

 We as free people must not pull back from seeking the truth and consistency in any plans concerning our race, the planet and its species.

If we look at the world, we are all sharing it as the whole, the one, and, at present, there is no other. The bottom line is you cannot get off. It is each and everyone's responsibility to ensure that industry, Governments and corporatism do not destroy the environment and species any more.

There are no excuses for the wanton destruction of the planet, its species and habitats to date. You/we/I have only to look to see the massive environmental damage that big companies and governments have already created with their insatiable greed and their need for cash, control of people, energy and resources. The truth is they must be stopped from destroying any further. Alternative energy is not a fantasy; there is an inexhaustible amount of information readily available. Conservation of energy must also be fully realized, utilized and practiced.

Do not be fooled into thinking bio fuels, or hydro electric dams are an answer.
They serve no sustainable purpose, resulting once again in the destruction of habitats and the displacement of wildlife and indigenous people's.
As a race, we must not allow any to destroy our environment. We must not allow corporate, industry, or regimes to force us to be separated from interacting with our environment. Nuclear power is a demon seed with nuclear waste having a half life of 25,000 years. This means that it will still be 100% toxic to all forms of cellular life in 25,000 years time. Chernobyl in Russia and Fukushima in Japan has shown that no nuclear power plants are 100% safe, and once an accident happens, the species and environmental impact is both far reaching and devastating.

People must pluck the sickness of greed and corruption from their Nations You only get one chance, make that chance, one of a future for all People, species and planet.

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