Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Be mindful of distractions

Be mindful of distractions.

We must not lose sight of the main issues that were going on before these riots.

The government/s and top police officers were/are involved with Rupert Murdoch of News International, with strong suggestions of corruption, that have to date led to the resignation of two of the UK top policemen ; Met Police Commissionaire, Sir Paul Stephenson


And John Yates


As well as this, the condem unelected non people government demand unjust cuts backed by unjust laws that are affecting everyone including the police & armed forces. These unjust cuts, if they are allowed to continue with no investment into community & children’s futures will result in a desolate prospectless future. We as a Nation need integrity, truth, understanding and compassion. The top house must be set in order.

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