Thursday, 10 February 2011

Prisoner's get the vote

Parliament debated today 10th February 2011

The question being debated
"Whether Parliament will comply with rulings from the European court concerning a Prisoners rights to vote.

International human rights
The right for prisoners to vote
This is fundamental right, if we look at Emily Pankhurst and the suffragette’s movement, they were demanding justice. For their actions and belief's they were criminalised and imprisoned.
We musts stand united, less they make us all criminals.

If people who stand up against tyranny and injustice become silenced by the unjust and their decisions, then they will become criminals.

If the argument is against serious perpetrators of crime being able to vote, then we should also look at the government and its crimes against the people and humanity who are asking for your votes.

We need a full and transparent referendum on all points, not just those that a quango government decides we can vote on.

There is a minority deciding the rights of the many, and in too many cases they are choosing to do this without consultation or transparency.
These are truly the bias and unjust and ignorant.

Do not allow the war criminals and their minions to shut your minds and mouth's

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