Friday, 28 January 2011

Rallies 2011 stand united for the people

Dates for your diary;

January 29: NUS, UCU and TUC rally in Manchester
the protest is aiming to highlight youth issues, including access to education, the scrapping of the education maintenance allowance (EMA) and youth unemployment.

January 29: London national demo
The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts and the Education Activist Network have organised a demonstration the same day as the NUS-backed rally in Manchester to provide a London focus for demonstration.

January 30: First National Assembly For Education
The day after the London and Manchester demonstrations.

National Assembly For Education meeting, with students from a variety of institutions to discuss the future of the student movement.

March 26: NUS and TUC spending cuts demo The NUS and TUC will join forces again in March for a demonstration against the spending cuts. March for the Alternative: Jobs, Growth, Justice will see both groups marching to a rally in Hyde Park calling for a Robin Hood tax on the banks, the closing of tax loopholes and policies for jobs and green growth

Once again the People’s civil liberties are being eroded by injustice and inequality
Parliament Square was part of the Gorshedd Treaty. It is a place for the people to hold free assembly and festivities
Please see;
What gives these people the right to stop your rights?

Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill

See Part 3
Parliament Square Garden and surrounding area

The land around Westminster Abbey was a mound which was the site of the Gorsedd of Tothill, a place of free speech, discussions, bardery, and festivities, enshrined by the Statute of Richard I "Lion heart" in 1189, ratified by parliament in 1858 (Mostyn Manuscript) and never repealed.We urge all UK citizens to defend their right to free speech and assembly.It is your Sovereign right to uphold the law and protect the rights of the people.

A Sign of the times; people call for an end to war and to hold peaceful dialogue. The bottom line is this country the UK needs uniting and requires a realistic, up to date constitution, made by the people for the people in order to do it. Nothing less will work in fixing this broken system where a minority of the population make life changing decisions for the majority without true consultations and dialogue taking place.Full consultation on constitutional change, this means not just consulting with people who agree with you, but also those who don't.
Proposed constitutional change should be rooted in the advantages and disadvantages
and not on the political desires of government/s or big businesses and banks.

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