Tuesday, 5 April 2011

SOS Save Our Services, save the kids futures

Please add your signature to support WAC and STOP CUTS on WAC effecing the kids

Junior & Senior WAC need you now!
Both projects have been cut by Arts Council and we will no longer receive £103,000 per year which we applied for to run these programmes. We need all our students and their families to support us now.

From April 2012, we will now receive no funding from the Arts Council. And yet Junior and Senior WAC bring the arts to 100s of children and young people, most of whom wouldn't have access to the specialist teaching and facilities we have built up over the years.

Without Junior and Senior WAC 100s of children and young people will be denied their right to experience the joy of the arts. . The report from ACE states ‘(WAC’s) list of alumni is impressive and the scale of delivery makes it an important contributor in delivering training opportunities to children and young people with least opportunities.’ And yet they still cut us!

We need everyone to support us - with your help we can save these projects for the future.

For more information visit:www.wac.co.uk

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