Monday, 14 November 2011

Ground to air missiles olympics 2012

Ground to air missiles olympics 2012
The new defence secretary Phillip Hammond was ask by the former defence secretary Liam Fox for assurance of a full defence of the Olympics in 2012, including the use of ground to air missiles. Philip Hammond replied that all steps would be taken to protect the Olympic games and that ground to air missiles would be used if they are deemed operationally necessary. It seems in some way they are going to procure something to happen, this is very disturbing news. There was a speculation that internal forces operating within the power systems of this country are planning a dirty bomb so they will be able to take the cash cow from the olympics without the event taking place, not sure how much gravity there is to this speculation The question is, what are we inviting people to the olympics for?

How can the UK government assure anyone's safety in an area where they may have need to use ground to air missiles?
Where will the debris fall?
Surely under health and safety this event cannot be allowed to go ahead?
Or is it that once again the people are mere fodder?

Either way it doesn't sound very inline with a World event that is supposed to bring people and Nations together in celebration

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