Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Queens Speech 2012 that of a war criminal

Where were a large percent of the 1% today???
At the Queens speech, is it now apparent that these people have little or no regard for you and your families lives and situations, this land needs a voice of and for the common People not the elitist who are the problem in the first place. We do not need those born to and of privilege to tell us the people what is good and just. The queen is not of or for the People, we must have justice, not a collection of people who proclaim that they are the chosen ones, we are the People, not the slaves. The queen signs her name to statute laws, those made up by corrupt politicians and judges, these lass are not god’s laws, she has no right to proclaim that she is the representative of gods will. The queen has signed warrants of war and by this is culpable of war crimes, crimes against peace and humanity. These elitist have no care not regard for the majority as they cling on to their illicit power and fake control. Wake up England, Ireland, Whales and Scotland, we are being miss sold an idea and miss represented. The power belongs to the people not an allegory of the self proclaimed. Treasonous are those who proclaim such things, her ministers, her decisions are not that of the People. Her governments legislation and recommendations, sack government, sack the royalty, they are all war criminals and acting against the masses, the People.

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