Saturday, 4 August 2012

Gold for Great Britain may be tarnished

A year after the cold bloodied murder of Mark Duggan and the riots and very little has changed.

The youth are still disenfranchised by an unlawful government and its unjust cuts whilst the Olympic Games are costing tax payers £24 billions of pounds to reveal one aspect of what is already known, and that is that there are many talented youth in Great Britain.
These monies would have been far better spent directly on homes, education, health and opportunities for all youth.
Unfortunately the only legacy the games will bring once they are closed will be a massive £24 Billion pound bill, picked up by Londoner's, unemployment and unused venues.
If any of these venues do continue to exist, they will be charging Londoner's for the privilege of using them.

It is each and every adults duty and responsibility to make sure that the Children are not failed and brainwashed by those who have little care or consideration for their immediate and long term well being. 

Recently £80 billion of tax payer’s money has been loaned to banks at 0.75% interest, so that they can then lend it back to the People with a 5% interest rate charge.
Several months ago the Bank of England printed £180 billion and gave it to the banks, saying it was to be used for exactly the same purpose. Where has this money gone?

The Libor fixing that has recently been revealed is the tip of a financial ice berg, with corruption and manipulation being rife.

The Leveson enquiry revealed much but investigated very little and as an affront to justice when a protestor entered and demanded that Tony Blair, who was giving evidence at the time, should be arrested for war crimes. There was no action or investigation into the charge that the man had put to Tony Blair and laid before the Court.

The only investigation that followed was to find out how this man was able to enter the Leveson enquiry.

The activity of Rupert Murdocks News Empire was shown to be deeply flawed and subversive. With the recent charges of contempt and perverting the course of justice being leveled at close friend of David Cameron, Rebecca Brooks. By association David Cameron can not be trusted as being honourable nor just.

The London Mayor Boris Johnson has also personally invited his dear friend Rupert to join him for some free 2012 Olympic Games free executive hospitality at the expense of the tax payer. Without doubt this is not what Londoners or the Nation as a whole would wish for or condone and shows the level of contempt that these elitist openly declare to the public.

Human Rights abuses that occurred on the same night as the Olympic opening ceremony have been sorely underplayed by the main media. Over 180 peaceful cyclists from critical mass were arrested and detained against their will by police enforcing new draconian laws that were rushed in to appease the corporate sponsors and the Olympic committee.

It would seem ironic that many of the Gold medals being won at the 2012 Olympics are for cycling events.

Your human rights are:
  • the right to life
  • freedom from torture and degrading treatment
  • freedom from slavery and forced labour
  • the right to liberty
  • the right to a fair trial
  • the right not to be punished for something that wasn't a crime when you did it
  • the right to respect for private and family life
  • freedom of thought, conscience and religion, and freedom to express your beliefs
  • freedom of expression
  • freedom of assembly and association
  • the right to marry and to start a family
  • the right not to be discriminated against in respect of these rights and freedoms
  • the right to peaceful enjoyment of your property
  • the right to an education
  • the right to participate in free elections
  • the right not to be subjected to the death penalty
If any of these rights and freedoms are breached, you have a right to an effective solution in law, even if the breach was by someone in authority, such as, for example, a police officer.

The ongoing repression of peoples liberties is unacceptable, along with the corruption and deceit that has manifested within the house of the People and the justice system. The People are being failed.
How as a Nation can we educate and benefit our children when we are allowing the criminal, the unjust and the corrupt to run our Country?
How can we hope for aspirations to be achieved when we are allowing our Country to be run by war criminals?
If this unlawful activity is allowed to continue, where do you all think it will end?
Have so many fought and strived so hard for all to come to naught.
Millions of people have and are defending against and defeating tyranny and repression.
It is our charge as People of these lands to uphold the law, the peace and the rights of the People. We must do all that is possible to set the house in order and install, accountability, transparency, honest protocols and longevity.
If the base components of a system are broken they must be changed in order for functionality to be restored.

Each of the wars fought since 2001 against Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya is illegal.  Not only does the use of armed force violate the Treaty for the Renunciation of War and the UN Charter, but by killing 1m adults and 450,000 children, the leaders and taxpayers of Coalition, NATO and ISAF governments committed murder, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.
It may come as a shock to many law abiding citizens that, under international criminal law and the legal doctrine of joint enterprise, every British, NATO or ISAF citizen who has paid tax since October 2001 is technically an accessory to the war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocides committed by ISAF Governments against the Afghan people and is criminally liable for arrest, prosecution and punishment as a principal offender.  You will be pleased to know however that the legislation provides relief[Footnote] for taxpayers who were deceived into believing the war was legal and unwittingly supported the crimes.  Providing you end your participation in the crimes immediately and withhold all taxes from your government and its agents you will not be punished for aiding and abetting the crimes.

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