Monday, 23 May 2011

World Peace Presence, Peace Presence @ PArliament Square London

Simon went to court the following day, where he was given a £200 fine, 18 days Wandsworth Prison, respect to all peace bringers and sharers
We call for an end to injustice, corrupt politicians and repression. We call for all people to wake up to the potential goodness of life and kind. We call for an end to tyranny, we call for all the people of the world to unite in solidarity and defiance, we are all

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Westminster Peace Presence

(The first weekly 24hr Westminster Peace Presence commenced Sunday 22nd May @ 6 p.m it was planned to continue through to 6 p.m on Monday 23rd. However, @ 8am On monday 23rd May 2011, on behalf of the GLA and Boris Johnson, the security once again used physical force to move the people off of the land)
The first WPP was held on a piece of land at Parliament Square, Westminster (a piece not caged off by the large infamous harris fencing.

The purpose of the WPP is to actively promote peace and an demand an immediate end to the British government's policy of war. The government's wars continue to cause the deaths of innocent lives everyday in countries including Afghanistan and Libya.

Monday is a working day in the heart of the British government's offices. The WPP provides a great oppurtunity to peacefully alert government servants, citizens and everyone else to the harm that is being caused by the government and the urgent priority that policies of war must end now.

At the initial meeting of the WPP which took place on Parliament Square on Sunday 15th May, it was agreed that

all participants of the WPP should aspire to behave peacefully.
to adopt transparency and refrain from secretive behaviour.

Meetup info

Meet at the Trafalgar Square Anti-Cuts Occupation from 3 p.m onwards (usually in the middle of Trafalgar Square) on Sunday. There will be an open mic and discussions of the struggle for freedom in North African countries. At 6 p.m participants of the WPP will go to Parliament Square to setup the camp. If for whatever reason we are unable to camp on Parliament Square (E.G: if the fence is extended) then another location will be chosen nearby.

What to bring
Bring a tent and a sleeping bag (or other suitable equipment). Also please bring food to share.

If you can bring...
Banner making materials, paints, paintbrushes, pens, flags, musical instruments, fluffy bunnies. Fluffy bunnies should be accompanied at all times.

If you have any questions about any or all of this, please email:

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