Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Leveson Inquiry

The Leveson Inquiry

If any light shines on the Leveson inquiry it will most probably show that Murdoch is not only involved illicitly with the present government, but also that it had a large dealing in the set up of 'New Labour'.
We can see that new labour are very much removed from their origin, that of the working class. The working class are not truly being represented. If they were then the cuts would be found and taken from the rich rather than the working class who are the backbone of our lands.
These Islands should take a leaf out of Iceland’s book and tell the IMF and the World Bank to go and pester someone else for money.A few months ago the Bank of England printed over £175 billion pounds, and instead of directly injecting it into the economy and the people, they gave it to the city and bank and other corporate companies at 0.01 percent interest and told them to do something with it.
Well they are, they are creaming it in, with charges and interest on loans to the Public of 4% plus.
More recently George Osborne said he will be giving £10 billion pounds of the tax payer’s money to the IMF. This is unacceptable.
£10 billion pounds would aid in the creation of new industries, jobs, health, education, housing, travel.
The people of the UK cannot accept this corrupt, illicit government, the MPs must make the call, are they with the corrupt and ungodly, or are they with the people?
We do not need to borrow more money in order to get out of the financial crisis, we just need to make sure that the billionaires and millionaires give back to people and country what they have taken.
There is enough money right now to make a difference, we do not need to be fooled into the idea that we need to borrow more.
Wake up; it is now time, to bring the unjust to justice. This is what the Public want, this is what the Country needs, and indeed demands.
A Sumbmission of the above evidence has been made to the Leveson Enquiry, this was their response Leveson Enquiry a submission of evidence and this is their reply; Thank you for your email which has been received by the Leveson Inquiry Team. You will appreciate that we have received a very large number of emails since the Inquiry was announced. Please be assured that all emails are read and considered by a member of the Inquiry Team. If you have written in with an query, we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have submitted evidence or information to the Inquiry, we will consider your submission in more detail and come back to you if we think it would be helpful to have any additional information. Kind regards, The Leveson Inquiry Team

Jeremy Hunt, isn't he the culture secretary involved with the 2012 Olympics??
And still it beggers beliefe that those found guilty of pollution and human rights abuses are not being ousted from the 2012 Olympics.
South West Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt 

Bam Nuttall have the contract of cleaning and building the Olympic Park...they have just signed a billion Euro contract with Sarkozy and Cameron to build nuclear reactors!!!! GREEN my fking ass! This whole Olympic "GREEN" theme is the high of hypocrisy!
David Cameron and President Nicolas Sarkozy have described their horror at events in Syria and pledged support including food rations for the country's citizens.
This is the official site of the Leveson Inquiry. It aims to provide the latest information on the Inquiry, including details of hearings and evidence, to the public and interested parties.

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