Saturday, 14 April 2012

Save your kind, your planet and its species nothing less will suffice.

George Osborne plans to issue 100-year, or even perpetual bonds to borrow money over the longer term at today's historically low interest rates. But their putting a cap on how many stamps you can buy.

1 trillion pound debt of the government, and they want the people to pay it off for them.
Sound familiar?
As a direct result of this they will be forcing pension funds to buy into it.
The risks are enormous on historic evidence loss will be the only outcome.

The government are now planning to offload their mountain of debt onto the public.
We the people must not allow these unscrupulous, unworthy people to do this.
The pound should stop here, all the elitists, the bankers, the corrupt governments, the illicit world finance bodies must be forced to pay what is due.
All debt is a result of mismanagement, be it with the euro, the pound sterling or any other currency.
This mismanagement has been conducted and overseen by the bankers, the corrupt governments, and the illicit world finance bodies.
The people must demand justice; these bodies cannot be trusted to regulate themselves, and their continued abuses of powers needs arresting.
They should all stand as charged ‘out of control.’

In the media there is talk of a Global Flash Crash, in gambling the house always wins.
If the house always wins, then who are those in control of the house?
Wake up People. Wake up World, stop the rot setting in.
Freedom, transparency and accountability, for your kind, your planet and its species nothing less will suffice.

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